RPFL Certified Agents

The following agents are certified to represent players in the Rivals Professional Football League.

  1. Carter Steagald (614) 702-8475
  2. Joshua L. Jackson (512) 701-1598
  3. Kiyoshi Terrell Fish (602) 577-6352
  4. Mark A. Suell (586) 745-5487
  5. Terry Smith Jr. (517) 528-9784
  6. Randy Wharton (704) 449-5492
  7. Marvin D. Royal (586) 552-7058
  8. Maurice Lafears (318) 792-1848
  9. Cecil Kruel (773) 203-6053
  10. Garrick Farria (214) 554-5269
  11. Ken Foster (713) 899-2054
  12. Leemon Wilson (615) 267-9996
  13. Wayne Fowler (919) 345-3541
  14. Cephus Richard (901) 230-0833
  15. Akilah Burns (252) 414-7938
  16. Shawuki Hilton (347) 226-0724
  17. Antonio Burries (248) 752-2206

If you are interested in becoming a sports agent for the Rivals Professional Football League please fill out an RPFL Agent Application and you will be contacted by us within 2-4 business days. For more information please call (313) 725-165.

RPFL Agent Application Fee

This is a fee to file your RPFL Agent application with the Rivals Professional Football League. Once your application is reviewed and approved you will receive an email with information on how to confirm your identity and what you need to submit to receive your RPFL Agent Certification.

Click here to apply to be a Agent

How it Works

  1. Fill out an RPFL Agent Application- Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted within 2-4 business days to complete the certification process. RPFL Agent Application Fee: $50
  2. Granted an RPFL Agent Certification- To be granted an RPFL Agent Certification you must 18 years of age and demonstrate a commitment to player education, development and advancement. RPFL Agent Certification Fee: $250
    • After submitting your RPFL Agent Certification fee you will receive your official Certification in the mail. We will also send you our RPFL Agent manual, copies of our player contracts and an RPFL Agent Polo.
  3. Now your a Certified RPFL Agent you will be able to take advantage of all of the following:
    • Negotiate Player Contracts. 
    • Sign players to a Standard Representation Agreement for an amount up to 25% of any compensation earned during the RPFL season. 
    • Field Access to all RPFL Tryouts
    • 2 Admission Tickets to the RPFL Draft 
    • 2 RPFL Season Ticket Passes
    • Ticket Revenue Sharing Opportunity
    • Sponsorship Revenue Sharing Opportunity
    • Any agent who is successful in getting an RPFL player signed to any of the following Leagues will be paid a bonus of:
      • NFL: $2,000
      • CFL: $1,000